The 4 Most Valuable NBA Coaches for the Upcoming Season

Most basketball fans like to focus all of their attention on the players, but a coach can win or lose several games for his team throughout the season. The best coaches are able to get the most out of the talent on their roster to propel them to a deep run in the playoffs.

While the NBA is filled with great coaches, these are the four most valuable that everyone should pay attention to in the upcoming NBA season.

Gregg Popovich by Roman Temkin

Gregg Popovich

Gregg Popovich is widely considered to be the best coach in professional basketball. The San Antonio Spurs are written off by fans and the media almost every year because of their age, but Popovich has consistently made the Spurs one of the best teams in the league. It should be interesting to see what he does with the addition of LaMarcus Aldridge to an already great team. If Popovich manages the minutes of his older players, then he may add one more NBA title to his mantle this upcoming season.

Rick Carlisle - Roman Temkin picRick Carlisle

Despite a roster overhaul nearly every season, the Dallas Mavericks are always able to find a way to win 50 games each season. Mark Cuban and Dirk Nowitzki may get most of the attention for the winning in Dallas, but Rick Carlisle has been there throughout all of the success of the Mavericks. After losing out on DeAndre Jordan, Rick Carlisle will once again have a tough coaching job this season. Most people are counting out the Mavericks, but Rick Carlisle always finds a way to get his teams wins.


Steve Kerr - Roman Temkin picSteve Kerr

Steve Kerr proved that he was a great coach by winning the NBA title with the Golden State Warriors in his first season as head coach. Associate head coach Alvin Gentry taught Kerr a lot last year, but he is no longer with the team. If Kerr continues to make the great coaching decisions he used last season, then the Warriors have a great shot at repeating as NBA Champions.



Mike Budenholzer - Roman TemkinMike Budenholzer

Just looking at the roster of the Atlanta Hawks proves how valuable Mike Budenholzer is a coach. His team finished with the best record in the Eastern Conference without a single superstar player. With the loss of small forward DeMarre Carroll this off-season, Mike Budenholzer will have to continue the great coaching to keep the Hawks at the top of the NBA standings.



Roman Temkin is a real estate developer who happens to be a sports fanatic.


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