Project Management: The Best Apps to Manage Your Long To-Do Lists

Project management apps are useful at work, school and home. Tracking assignments, meeting deadlines and following up with delegated tasks are a must for any successful professional. Project management apps assist with both time and task management. Below introduces five apps that will help you manage to-do lists and projects.

Google Keep

This handy app lets you manage your to do list through colorful notes and lists. Users can also create photo and voice memos. In fact, Google Keep can not only record verbal notes, but also translate speech to text. Users can also share their notes with others and sync their mobile phone with their online Google account. Users can even export their notes to Google Docs. Google Keep is user-friendly with a colorful interface that makes it easy to organize your notes.

Remember the Milk

This app is perfect for old school users who prefer a simple text based interface. Tasks can be organized in lists, which can be shared or published. Users can also create due dates, reminders and locations. Remember the Milk integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar, Outlook, Twitter and Evernote. In fact, Siri, the iPhone’s voice-controlled assistant, can even access saved tasks from Remember the Milk.


For the user who needs a minimal interface and ease of access, Everyday is the perfect app solution. This app is for production and goal driven users who need a clean interface and fast access. Everyday is a very simple app that allows users to swipe right to complete tasks and left to edit tasks. Everyday also integrates into browsers, such as Chrome, so that users can add tasks from the web.

This app is well designed and visually appealing. Tasks are organized according to category or due date, each of which can be broken down into sub-categories. is noted for being an excellent task collaboration app, with advanced sharing features. For example, users can share and assign tasks, add attachments and create sub-tasks and conversations.


This app does not take a minimalist approach to the design and layout. Instead, each task can have a customized background with associated notes, sub-tasks, comments and attachments. Wunderlist Pro is an excellent business solution, as it offers collaboration tools, customized folders, list sharing and a special email function that can turn emails into action items.

To summarize, managing your to-do list will help you achieve success at home, work and school. Some of the best productivity apps include Google Keep, Remember the Milk, Every day, and Wunderlist.

Roman Temkin is a real estate developer and an entrepreneur from New York.


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