How to Make the Transition from Architecture to Development

Many people who work in the architecture field end up in close communication with real estate developers. Over time, their careers can begin to look very lucrative to overworked architects. Unlike the architecture field, real estate developers do not have a set salary. In fact, they have the potential to make a practically unlimited amount of money, depending on what projects they work on that year. This is why so many architects decide that the real estate development field might be a great new career choice. However, transitioning to development isn’t as simple as snapping your fingers. There are some steps you have to follow. Here are some tips on how you can make the transition from architecture to development.

Look Into Educational And Licensing Requirements

Developers require difference licenses and education backgrounds than architects. You may need to return to school and obtain a real estate certification. You might need additional licenses and certificates depending on which state you plan to do business in. You can find the information you need on your state’s real estate licensing website.

Get Connected

You’ll need the right industry connections if you plan on transitioning to a career in development. This is a field where who you know definitely matters. Attend networking events where you can meet other developers who can help you to get connected with the right jobs and people.

Be Prepared To Start At The Bottom

Even if you were successful as an architect, you might need to start at a lower position when you transition to the development industry. After all, you are just starting out in this field. Be ready to have to start in a lower position.

Work Hard

Real estate development is not a good career for lazy types or for people who prefer to coast. The amount of work you do is directly linked to how much money you make. In your first few years, you’ll need to really pound the pavement and hustle. However, if you’re willing to put in the work, you can enjoy a much higher rate of pay than you did as an architect.

Transitioning to development as an architect can be a long process that entails a lot of hard work. However, if you’re wiling to put in the hours, your potential salary has no limit. This is a rewarding field where you can be very successful if you work hard.

Roman Temkin is a successful real estate developer from NYC.


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