How Big Data is Expanding Horizons in Multiple Industries

With each passing day, more businesses embrace Big Data. Beyond making inroads into new industries, Big Data business is focused on developing the markets already showing a track record of success.One of the gambits generating the most buzz is Intel’s TAP program, an open source application complete with a system integrator and cloud service provider. The system is initially targeted at service providers and healthcare providers. Once the soft launch in these industries proves successful, and Intel can get all the bugs out, TAP is expected to be offered to additional industries.

Why Intel? Well, industry insiders say this organization, known primarily for its hardware manufacturing, would dive into the deep end of a pool already occupied by proven Big Data heavyweights. The short answer? They must. While there’s no doubt Intel can make plenty of cash in the chip business, the future clearly belongs to bigger, faster and more integrated data science.

Plus, Intel can see the writing on the wall. With an increase in Big Data projects, comes a correlative increase in server sales … which, of course, means more server chips will be sold. That gives Intel a very good reason to invest in the expansion of Big Data. And invest it has. From an aborted attempt to develop a Hadoop distribution some time back to a $740 million investment in a distribution company garnering Intel an 18 percent stake in a Big Data-focused business.

Now Intel is putting its considerable operative bulk where its money is, in pushing the future of Big Data into the present … as fast as possible. When the world’s chip leader doubles down on an emerging industry, you can justifiably expect that business to make quantum leaps in scope and capacity – two limits data science is constantly working to overcome.

Thus the focus on an open source platform. Instead of developing a vendor and selling licenses, Intel wants to ramp up accessibility and build the future of Big Data today. Now, while some companies can’t take advantage of the opportunities of open source material, this step should effectively raise the proverbial water level for the entire industry.

It will be easier and, likely, more necessary for companies to invest more heavily in Big Data and to do so sooner. This calls for a steep learning curve for operations yet to make up their minds on the technology of today. And every day that curve gets steeper.



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