Growing Your Real Estate Business: 4 Tips to Standout and Sell More

Real Estate Infographic by Roman Temkin

The real estate industry has undergone some changes since the recession, and there are various social media platforms that you can use to market your real estate brand. There are over 175 million people that use Facebook; that is over half the United States population. There are over 200 million users on LinkedIn; a growing website brand that hosts people accounts in diverse professional fields. Twitter has over 400 million active accounts. As a real estate agent, you want to sell homes and condos, and the best way to sell more is to standout more. It is obvious, you need to tap into the social media platforms that over half the United States are already using.

If you haven’t already, you want to create professional accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn. Facebook is a social media site that lets you connect to a diverse range of audiences that come from all walks of life. People create accounts all the time, and those accounts contain all kinds of information such as formal education, age, gender, occupation, and descriptions of the person on the account.

Network on LinkedIn

Aspiring professionals from all over the world use LinkedIn, and a lot of people on LinkedIn are going to want to have a home or a condominium at one point in their lives. It is not uncommon for recently hired professionals that have decent salary to look for a home soon after landing their dream job, and it helps if you get your brand out there for them to find.

Think Social Personality

Most real estate agents are tapping into social media to take advantage of the information and trends of social media, and if you start thinking like a customer, you will understand that social media is about connecting and being human. As a real estate agent, you have to genuinely show interest in what other people are saying and what their concerns how. They want to see the human characteristics that make you stand out and how they can relate to you and what you have to offer.

Social Media as a Referral System

Before you start posting on Facebook or LinkedIn, or tweeting your tweets, you should look for connections that contain keywords. Some of those keywords can be things like, “Looking for a home,” “Looking to sell my home,” “Looking for a real estate agent,” etc. A lot of people use social media to find referrals and recommendations from other people in the area or another locality. Connecting with past clients and their networks significantly boosts your reputation and feedback.

Authentic Posts

Rather than just getting a lot of people to like, friend, or follow you, give them a reason why they should. Make them want to know more about what you have to offer. As a real estate agent, you should consider having a content campaign that provides useful information to people that are looking for people like you. For example, “Like my page,” or “Please click Follow,” to read my content on “Tax Season and Your Mortgage.”

Roman Temkin is a real estate developer from NYC with a background in entrepreneurship.


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