Google Won Again, But What Does That Mean?

macbook air with google homepage on the screen

The court battle the entire international tech world has been glued to is over. A federal jury took Google’s side in its copyright infringement battle against Oracle. The losing side claimed Google stole some of its software while developing the Android operating system, which is now the world’s most popular smartphone OS. Had Oracle won the case, it could have proven disastrous – and very expensive – for Google.

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tv in the wall with books

Goodbye Reality TV; Hello Gritty SciFi

For years, reality TV dominated the dial. Every station had their top performing “reality” programming along with some B-tier and basic cable knock-offs. The top shows like The Apprentice, American Idol, and Dancing With the Stars delivered huge ratings while not quite as huge programs like Biggest Loser, Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo, and Ice Road Truckers managed to bring in solid viewership. Continue reading “Goodbye Reality TV; Hello Gritty SciFi”

GoPro drone is down - what now

GoPro Drone is Down – What Now?

This year has not been kind to GoPro. The brand hit the consumer scene in a major way, expertly combining new tech with easy-to-use consumer interfaces and encouraging users to create with their product and share it online. For years, this was the company’s best advertising, and it was always fresh, endless, compelling, and captivating. Continue reading “GoPro Drone is Down – What Now?”

Big Data Roman Temkin

Big Data and Business Scalability

Bet you’ve heard this one before: “Big Data is great for massive businesses like Amazon and Google, but it can’t help you unless you are online and huuuge.” Well, friends, that’s just flat out false. While it is true that major corporations such as Amazon and Google (and countless others) use big data on a daily basis to help their business reach their clients, deliver better results, and more in-tune, real-time customer service. It is categorically UN-true that small and medium-sized businesses cannot benefit from big data.

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