Investment Capital

Investment Capital and You: What you Need to Know

Ask any owner if they deserve investment capital to take their business to the next level, and you almost always hear a resounding “yes!” However, the harsh reality is that most businesses do not deserve investment capital – not even a bank loan. If owners mismanage their business, or operate in an industry where demand does not exist, investment capital cannot save it. In this situation, savvy entrepreneurs know to let nature take its course, while they make plans to move on to bigger and better things, and wise investors know to look the other way in order to protect their capital. Continue reading “Investment Capital and You: What you Need to Know”

NBA Recap

NBA Recap of 2015-16 Season so Far

The 2015-16 NBA season is only a few weeks old, but already lines are being drawn and front runners are being established. With the exception of the Golden State Warriors, who are the clear leaders of the pack, there’s a lot of competitive rivalries and divisional fighting in the coming months. Continue reading “NBA Recap of 2015-16 Season so Far”


Growing a Social Media Following: How to and Why is it Important

Social media has transformed the Internet for individuals and businesses. Whether you work alone in your business, have a team, or manage a large company, you need to integrate social media into your marketing, sales, and service activities to stay competitive. The following tips help you understand the importance of social media and how to grow a social media following.

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Helipcoter Manager

The Inevitable Consequences of Helicopter Management

Look up and there he is, the helicopter manager. He hovers nearby, glancing at the time clock and clutching your most recent performance review in his sweaty, coffee-stained fingers. You can almost feel the perceived threat. Do this my way, or it’s the highway. Unfortunately, you have no real clear idea of what “his way” even is.

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Real Estate Business Tips

Growing Your Real Estate Business: 4 Tips to Standout and Sell More

Real Estate Infographic by Roman Temkin

The real estate industry has undergone some changes since the recession, and there are various social media platforms that you can use to market your real estate brand. There are over 175 million people that use Facebook; that is over half the United States population. There are over 200 million users on LinkedIn; a growing website brand that hosts people accounts in diverse professional fields. Twitter has over 400 million active accounts. As a real estate agent, you want to sell homes and condos, and the best way to sell more is to standout more. It is obvious, you need to tap into the social media platforms that over half the United States are already using.

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Like a Boss by Roman Temkin

You’re the boss – EMBRACE IT!

What is a “boss”? It’s more than the guy with “Number 1” on his coffee cup. More than the corner office and much more than the designated parking space. Being the boss is so much better – and harder and more challenging – than that. Being the boss means more glory and much, much more responsibility. You get credit for other people’s work, sure, but you also get blamed for other people’s screw-ups. People pat you on the back for things that came out of sheer luck and blast you in public for problems you had no control over. Guess which happens more often?
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Lakers Kobe Bryant

What will the Lakers do after Kobe?

There is no doubt, the Lakers are one of the premier dynastic programs in all of basketball, or even professional sports. Because the NBA has always been player and character driven, winning and losing generally has three components: star player(s), strong supporting cast, and celebrity coach. From a public relations perspective, the idea that a team CAN compete for a title is enough to put butts in the seats and keep fans coming back for more.

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Miami Skyline

Great Miami Travel Ideas

Your first time in Miami you will never see it all, so don’t kill yourself trying. Every Miami vacation should be about immersion, not trying to live and die by some manic itinerary giving you five minutes at every tourist stop in town. A real Miami vacation combines the best hotspots with some unique off the beaten track local jewels. Here are several magnificent Miami travel destination ideas to help you plan multiple trips to the Cuban spiced south Florida city that never sleeps.

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