Google Won Again, But What Does That Mean?

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The court battle the entire international tech world has been glued to is over. A federal jury took Google’s side in its copyright infringement battle against Oracle. The losing side claimed Google stole some of its software while developing the Android operating system, which is now the world’s most popular smartphone OS. Had Oracle won the case, it could have proven disastrous – and very expensive – for Google.

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4 Duties You Should Delegate Right Now

Running a company requires focus, a trait some entrepreneurs, especially young people, sometimes lack. If you’re one who tends to get distracted by all that has to be done to the point that it impacts what you should be doing, then it’s time to pay attention.
It doesn’t matter what you do or why you do it. If that’s the key task that makes you money, you need to be focused on that, as well as on the task of bringing in more of that. But too many business leaders get bogged down in activities that definitely need to be done, just not by them. Maybe it’s control or obsession or fear, but it’s definitely a common failing. Don’t let it happen to you.

Here are four necessary duties you should already be delegating…

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kmart brand

Kmart Continuing Downward Spiral

Things seem to be going from bad to worse for Kmart. A few years back, Sears tried to re-energize the failing discount department store but didn’t have much success. A recent announcement out of Alabama says things are getting no better.

According to various media reports, Sears Holdings will shutter four more Alabama Kmart stores as part of a national cost-cutting initiative. The company plans to close 68 Kmart stores total.

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Great communications

6 Ways to Ensure Great Client Communications

Rapport with clients is pivotal to success in the real estate industry. Customers are leaving the sale or purchase of houses in your hands, and they are inviting you into their homes. The home is at the center of the living experience, so recognize the great amount of power with which they are entrusting you. Continue reading “6 Ways to Ensure Great Client Communications”

Discounted Rate Property

4 Ways to Buy Property at a Deeply Discounted Rate

Real estate can be extremely expensive. However, despite this, real estate investors are able to make a profit off their investments in different properties. This is partly because there are ways to save on real estate. Below are four different ways you can obtain property at a deeply discounted rate.

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Networking in real estate

Growing Your Network As A Real Estate Developer

Real estate is just property consisting of land and buildings inclusive of its natural resources depending on your perception it is the art of acquiring, selling or leasing of property. For a real estate developer to grow his network he has to maximize net revenues as such, it requires one to use the little he has to rise steadily as every story has a beginning.

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Investment Capital

Investment Capital and You: What you Need to Know

Ask any owner if they deserve investment capital to take their business to the next level, and you almost always hear a resounding “yes!” However, the harsh reality is that most businesses do not deserve investment capital – not even a bank loan. If owners mismanage their business, or operate in an industry where demand does not exist, investment capital cannot save it. In this situation, savvy entrepreneurs know to let nature take its course, while they make plans to move on to bigger and better things, and wise investors know to look the other way in order to protect their capital. Continue reading “Investment Capital and You: What you Need to Know”


Growing a Social Media Following: How to and Why is it Important

Social media has transformed the Internet for individuals and businesses. Whether you work alone in your business, have a team, or manage a large company, you need to integrate social media into your marketing, sales, and service activities to stay competitive. The following tips help you understand the importance of social media and how to grow a social media following.

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Helipcoter Manager

The Inevitable Consequences of Helicopter Management

Look up and there he is, the helicopter manager. He hovers nearby, glancing at the time clock and clutching your most recent performance review in his sweaty, coffee-stained fingers. You can almost feel the perceived threat. Do this my way, or it’s the highway. Unfortunately, you have no real clear idea of what “his way” even is.

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